Workplace Hostility: Myths And Realities

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Why Should You Attend:

Workplace violence, going postal, disgruntled worker, threat assessment, zero tolerances in the 1980s, these terms entered the workplace lexicon. Since then, workplace homicides have dropped by more than 30% but intimidation, bullying, and discrimination has increased. .In the last couple of decades, work organizations have done quite a bit to improve personal safety, yet there is still much to be done.

Further, as the economy grinds the workplace and the workforce, and as social networks grow, hostility has taken on a variety of new forms often with devastating impact. All public and private work organizations must focus attention on issue. While policies are essential, they are not enough. Plans, protocols, and programs are critical components.

This program will provide a nuts and bolts approach to dealing with the wide range of violent and hostile acts. Learn how to handle a hostility incident, how to use your EAP, fitness for duty evaluations and other resource.

Areas Covered in the Seminar:

- An brief overview of statistical trends;
- Updated definitions of violence, hostility, bullying,harassment, etc.;
- Samples of Workplace Hostility Mitigation Policy;
- Strategies to handle employees with personal restraining/protective orders;
- How to provide psychological interventions around a workplace hostility;
- When and how to use your EAP, fitness for duty evaluations.

Who Will Benefit:

As workplace hostility impacts all industries and professions, this program is comprehensive enough to provide take aways for all participants from all professional orientations

- Human Resource
- Occupational Health
- Employee Assistance
- Labor, Employee Relations, and Management

Instructor Profile:

Dr. Gerald Lewis, an international consultant and trainer, has worked with national and international government agencies, healthcare facilities, educational institutions and private businesses on a wide range of work, behavioral health and organizational issues. His focus is facilitating organizational recovery and resiliency with the emphasis on people-recovery.

He has authored numerous articles and three books: Critical Incident Stress and Trauma in the Workplace (1994) and Workplace Hostility: Myth & Reality (co-author, 1998) and Organizational Crisis Management: The Human Factor (2006). In addition, he contributed the chapter, "Violence at Work: Causes and Protection" in Psychopathology in the Workplace: Recognition and Adaptation, edited by Thomas, J. and Hersen, M., Bruner-Rutledge, NY, 2004.

In 1986, he founded COMPASS, providing Employee Assistance Programs, management consultation, organizational development, employee training and education, pre-employment screening and fitness for duty evaluations.
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Workplace Hostility: Myths and Realities

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Workplace Hostility: Myths And Realities

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This article was published on 2011/01/18