Violent Crime in the Workplace

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According to a study conducted by the Justice Department over a four-year period, nearly 2 million people were victims of violent crimes in the workplace.  Examples of the crimes included robberies, rapes, assaults, and homicides.  Many victims do not report threatening or suspicious activity due to embarrassment or fear, but the consequences of failure to alert supervisors or authorities can be severe. Everyone deserves to work in an environment that is free from threats and harassment, and individuals accused of crimes in the workplace have the right to defend themselves against false accusations.

People involved in the intimate workings of a business as well as individuals with peripheral involvement may be guilty of workplace violence. Some cases include employees working in a common office or environment, while others involve vendors that deliver services or goods to a shop or place of business.  Still other instances of workplace violence have occurred between employees and patrons or customers.  Regardless of the individuals involved, workplace violence remains a serious issue in today's society and steps must be taken to prevent such serious crimes.

Preventing Workplace Violence

The following are some common ways to prevent violence in the workplace:

· Install security cameras to monitor employees and patrons

· Install alarm systems and panic buttons

· Ensure lighting systems are bright and effectively cover all areas of the workplace

· Provide employees with training on how to handle violent situations

· Allow employees to carry walkie-talkies or cell phones for use in emergency situations

· Open up forums for discussion about issues, problems, or concerns in the workplace

It is important that employers provide a safe environment for employees and patrons alike. Employees can also help create a safer environment by watching for signs of workplace violence, reporting incidents to supervisors, and maintaining respect among peers and co-workers.  It is reported that a majority of cases involving workplace violence could have been prevented if someone had reported threats and signs of violence to a supervisor prior to the incident.

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Violent Crime in the Workplace

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This article was published on 2010/04/02