Tips For Successful Workplace Attire

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Regardless of your work performance, a person that dresses better usually gets treated with more respect. Here are some tips to succeed in dressing for the workplace.

The Biggest Don'ts

A casual work environment does not mean you can wear whatever you feel like wearing. Some basic rules to follow are no flip-flops, jeans or bare midriffs.

You should also avoid looks that are too extreme. Another mistake many women make is baring too much cleavage. Unless you are in a trend setting workplace you should avoid things like visible tattoos, too many piercing or just too much skin.

It is always important not to overdo a good thing. Some common mistakes people make in the workplace are too much perfume or cologne, too much jewelry or clothes that are too tight.

It is important to make sure for men especially to not show up to work unshaven or with shoes that are too worn.

Basic Guidelines

Experts recommend that people just starting out in their careers should dress for a business casual office in a trouser and long or short sleeve tops for both men and women.

If you are midway in your career you should wear the same articles, however, pay particular attention to the quality of fabrics. To focus on an executive level position you should pair your outfit with a jacket or sports coat.

Most experts agree that when you add a jacket a level of authority is added.

Whenever you are unsure of the workplace attire it is not uncommon to ask your employer for the policy. However, you cannot go wrong with wearing a suit or jacket.

During an interview it is very important to portray to your prospective employer that you want the position by your communicating non-verbally through your attire.

It is expected that both men and women will arrive to work looking professional. Women tend to have a harder time with their attire only because the options are greater for them.

However, men need to resist the urge to arrive too casual, like they are dressing to go out on the town with the guys.

Regardless of the office environment, if you use some common sense and follow some basic guidelines you should be fine.

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Tips For Successful Workplace Attire

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This article was published on 2010/03/31